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Max & Bruno The Boxers

We have two litter mate boxers, whom we got at 8 weeks old. Near 11 months, we had nearly given up on keeping them until George entered the picture. Prior to George, we had failed on every at home self taught method (books, treat training, shock collars etc). Individual walks were tolerable but group walks were IMPOSSIBLE. Barking and jumping consumed their every moment. Recalling and breaking their attention from a distraction was impossible. To this point, we began looking for adoption agencies for whom we could hand them off to (please note we have had numerous boxers and other animals our entire life but, these two brothers were above our ability).

We knew they needed expert training, and that is when we found George. He came to our house and our rescue. He evaluated the dogs in person. We discussed the numerous issues and charted a path forward. Although the price was something we had not planned on, we were comforted knowing that we were paying for what we needed versus some cookie cutter prices. Our treatment plan was tailored to our situation. He came and picked them up and two weeks later they were COMPLETELY changed. During the two weeks George provided updates and was quick to answer questions or concerns.

Words can not explain the dramatic changes to our two knuckle heads. George was clear with us that his training was only half the work. Our training was the second half. We had to work together, support each other and be consistent with the commands, hand gestures and leash behaviors. This involved home visits and ad-hoc human corrections. The results: Our dogs respond to sit, stay, down, up, spot, come, go. The dogs now make eye contact, look to us for approval during walks and respond to our commands

Almost four months later we are THRILLED. The dogs now go on pack walks, dog parks, car rides and are even allowed to be off leash in the front yard. When we have questions or new issues, George is always quick to come to our aid. We can honestly say that George's training saved our two dogs and help them to be part of our family without all the stress. Had we not done it ourselves, I would have never believed these dogs could be so well behaved with just a few commands. If you are looking for a highly, professional dog trainer, George Vera is the one. We highly recommend him.



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