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Kai The Chocolate Labrador


5 months old

Chocolate Labrador retriever

Before finding G&S training our lives were stressful and hectic with a puppy. He was food reactive, didn’t know how to walk on a leash, jumping, barking and nipping at us. With a house full of kids we tried fixing these behaviors ourselves and even found a trainer who used treats to modify his behavior. We found that route only made his behavior worse. Opening a bag of anything had to be done quietly. We were modifying our lives for Kai. I found G&S training by word of mouth. At the time they were training our neighbors dog so I got their information, booked the consultation and saw hope in their technique. Kai is now five months old and is such a well behaved dog. He is still Kai, loving and silly with a strong will. He’s now integrated into our family’s lifestyle. Sometimes even more well behaved than our human kids. ;) George and Sarai are like family who care, very personable and highly supportive. We couldn’t have done it without them. Ten out of ten!



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