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Peaches The Golden Retriever

We both grew up with dogs. We knew some point down the road we would want to get a dog when our kids were older. This past Christmas, we adopted Peaches, 100% Golden Retriever. We were all over the moon. Little did we know how difficult it would be to train a puppy ourselves! After just a few weeks of struggling with the potty training, we were lost.

Our friends recommended G & S Dog Training when they heard our struggles. They had also had their pup trained by them and had nothing but wonderful things to say. Peaches has always been a good dog. Trying to get her to potty outside and not jump up on anyone was a different story. We also struggled with her barking in the cage at night and the basic commands, like come and stay. After training with George and Sarai, we are absolutely amazed with how well-behaved Peaches is. We get compliments everywhere we take her. Our 8 month old puppy is like a whole new dog, and we are so proud and thankful for G & S Dog Training! 10/10, highly recommend. 



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