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Ann The Deaf Terrier Mix & Blue The Husky Mix

I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformation my dogs, Ann and Blue, have undergone thanks to G & S Dog Training. Ann, my 4-year-old deaf terrier mix, suffered from severe separation anxiety and aggression towards other dogs after a traumatic experience at a dog park. Despite trying three previous trainers, her behavior only worsened. Blue, my 4-year-old husky mix, had been rehomed multiple times due to her high prey drive and food aggression, along with extreme crate anxiety.

Since working with G & S Dog Training, both Ann and Blue have made incredible progress. They now walk at heel calmly, ignoring distractions like other dogs and cats. Even during guests' visits, they remain composed in their designated spots. Most impressively, both dogs have conquered their crate anxiety and now view their crates as safe havens. Blue, who previously detested crates, now willingly retreats to hers whenever she desires solitude.

Beyond the training sessions, I appreciate G & S Dog Training's affordable boarding services and monthly pack walks, which allow my dogs to socialize in a controlled environment. Additionally, their ongoing support and guidance have been invaluable, ensuring I can address any concerns even after completing the program.

Thanks to G & S Dog Training, Ann and Blue have become well-adjusted and obedient companions, enriching both our lives immeasurably.



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