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On/off leash duo
Obedience with distractions
Off Leash Duo
Bunny distraction
Playtime in the woods
Distractions at Petsmart
Thor nail trim journey
Park Time


In our Board And Train program, we send clients pictures/videos of their pup's progress. While boarding, your pup gets to be apart of our pack. They get to enjoy quality time with us, meet our farm animals, go to public places, join us during our sessions, etc. Each and every student gets individual training, walks, and bonding time. Prior to returning home, your pup gets pampered with a bath, blow dry, nails filed, and ears cleaned. Aside from ensuring that your pup is clean, this also allows us to see your pup's needs in the grooming department as well as reinforce trust. Want to know more ? Contact us to schedule a free evaluation via email at

Going away on vacation?
We got your back!

The moment you enroll with G&S Dog Training, your dog can stay with us to keep up with the training. You don't need to wait until graduation. Graduates are always welcome back to enjoy all the benefits of boarding. This includes daily refresher training and activities as well.

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