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Rocky The Goldendoodle

When I first started training with Sarai I was an exhausted dog owner with little confidence in ever having a calm well behaved dog. After finishing the off leash training, I feel more calm myself and can enjoy having a dog living in our home with out worrying about what he might get into next. Doing the initial on leash training was a huge help in not only teaching proper behavior to our pup, Rocky, but in teaching me how to properly train and care for Rocky as his handler. Moving to off leash training has been a game changer. There has been a dynamic shift in our home that has allowed for more peace and confidence in being a dog family and being able to just love Rocky instead of being frustrated with poor behaviors. Training your dog is not easy and is not for the faint of heart. But Sarai and G & S Dog Training make it easy to learn and help you build the confidence to do it. Consistency is key and having Sarai teach me all of the training techniques needed, as well as being open to answering all of my many questions, helped create a better bond between me and Rocky. I’m so happy I made the decision to work with Sarai at G & S Dog Training.



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