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Remi The Sheepadoodle

Meet Remi, a 10 month old sheepadoodle with extreme anxiety. He was tossed from home to home before I found him and took him in. Remi is a love bug but he was filled with issues. He wouldn’t get into a car. He’d bolt off at any given moment and refuse to get into the truck, until you physically picked his 60lb body up. He’d work himself into a tizzy, vomiting, drooling uncontrollably, and jumping all over in the car. He would run off into the horse pasture, not coming when called and by the time he came back, he was covered in manure and scared to death of the horses. He would SCREAM in the kennel and break teeth trying to escape, therefore no one got sleep if we tried to kennel him at night. He had developed an awful habit of playing with teeth, leaving marks on us. He lived in constant fear, always looking behind him and jumping into my arms in public. I’d never met a dog that was this scared and full of anxiety. He HAD to go to professional training. George and Sarai came to the grooming salon I work at with Simba (their golden, who's amazing) and handed out business cards. After that I knew I needed to contact them! They drove out to my house to do a consult and from there it was magic! Remi stayed with them for 2 weeks. I got videos and pictures daily. Even now they’re only a text away and help with anything. They knew he was an anxious pup and came with him to my house during the week with him to train me and to let Remi see me. Every week we’ve been with them. Remi adores them. Now, he jumps into the truck and lays down the entire trip. He waits to walk out of a door and stays at my hip at all times. Even when he’s anxious in public he listens instead of freaking out. He doesn’t play bite anymore, and he doesn’t break his teeth on his kennel. His anxiety with the kennel is something we will always work on, but, he has improved amazingly. He used to never lie down because he didn’t want to surrender, now laying down is his absolute favorite thing ever. My horse, Remi and I go on walks and now they are the best buddies. Remi's training is far from over, but with G & S training, he is happier, less fearful and it makes our lives much easier. We can enjoy having a sweetheart like him instead of constantly worrying. A huge thank you to his amazing trainers and a 5 star to them as well. I know this thing can be expensive, but these folks make it 100% worth it. I can finally love my dog the way he deserves instead of tearing my hair out.

-Laurel (Remingtons Mom)



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