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Ratu The Doberman

I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for the lessons and transformation Ratu has manifested since becoming part of your client team. Ratu sort of fell in our lap this Spring 2021, we were on a waiting list for a new Doberman when the breeder reached out to us and asked if we would consider meeting a 1 year old red doberman that is suddenly in need of rehoming, we agreed and made accommodations to meet her. We just adored her from the moment we walked in the door and the family felt the same and chose us to take their sweet girl home. Ratu had been rehomed as she showed signs of not getting along with her 1 year old fur sibling Doberman which was of course a concern of mine. When Ratu settled in she showed signs of anxiety, mild aggression towards the neighbor children and just needed some direction to be able to feel safe in her new home. I was unable to walk Ratu around the golf course or any part of my neighborhood without her barking and lunging at other dogs, bikes, strollers, and people; she occasionally would knock me over as well.

We enlisted Sarai's assistance and within a few weeks, Ratu was concentrating on learning new tasks without walking around the neighborhood. Ratu was enrolled in retrieval training to keep her brain busy and started attending group classes with a plethora of dogs. Today I am able to walk Ratu around the golf course without reaction, she allows the neighbor children to accompany us on walks, she is able to sit calmly in a restaurant and can go with me in public. During the course of her ongoing training I have learned that it isn't always necessary to run your dogs to get them tired, training them with tasks and jobs is what they really need. There are not enough words or descriptions to explain our gratitude and true amazement at the work that Sarai has done with Ratu to help her trust and know that she is safe in her new home. Ratu is still currently enrolled in agility and continues to show signs of improvement and trust daily. Sarai not only assisted the transformation of Ratu but also of us and for that we will be eternally grateful.


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