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Howie The Markiesje Spaniel


1 Year Old Markiesje Spaniel

Found via advertisement at Junction Pet

Howie was a young and untrained puppy. He liked to jump on people, pull on leash awfully, would not listen to commands unless a treat was involved, run around outside in a fenced area but could not recall him inside without additional incentive. Had issues with potty training and would refuse to go potty on the leash. Would always be looking to get into something he shouldn't like trash and socks it was like he didn't know how to relax or just lay down on his own. 

Now Howie is a young and trained pup! I had always wanted to take Howie to store and different parks and not have to worry so much about his behavior. Howie now does not jump on people, he heels next to who is walking him instead of pulling them and understands his boundaries for walking, and will listen without having to give a treat.

Truly wonderful working with George and Sarai! They were very knowledgeable, understanding, and cooperative with what we were looking for. They were thorough with instruction and were a pleasure to work with! We love nothing more than sending them updates as to how well Howie is doing now a days!



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