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Honey The Mastiff Mix

We are so thankful to G&S Dog training for helping us train our 1 year old Cane Corso-mastiff mix, Honey. We were referred to George and Sarai through my brother’s friends Matt and Arley. Like a lot of novice dog owners, we chose our dog because of how cute she was and thought her tail between her legs hiding under couches as a puppy was endearing, not realizing that those are signs of anxiety and the need for confidence building was essential for her and our wellbeing. George and Sarai came for a free consultation and it wasn’t until a foreign body removal surgery, unfortunate outcomes with our pet rabbits getting out of their cage (may they rest in peace), several months of a large breed puppy getting heavier and harder to control on a leash who was still having issues being house broken and hard to keep in the kennel for really any period of time without busting the cage that we finally knew that training was imperative and the cost is well worth it. Honestly, we could have saved the cost of surgery by starting the training when we first inquired (plus still had our rabbits). Being parents of 3 kids and working full time we opted for the boarding training program and the difference in Honey’s level of confidence when she came back home was incredible! She sleeps in her kennel overnight plus will stay throughout the day and we don’t have to worry about accidents of her breaking out and she can walk on the leash in heel (still probably the most we use our e collar though, so we are still working on it). The fact that Sarai and George then came an additional 6 times for continued training (really, it’s owner training at that point) is what sold us on the program and why we will always recommend G&S dog training to anyone and everyone. Life gets busy and we’ve had periods where we’ve slacked off in our technique, but it’s amazing that we can go back and watch the videos from our sessions to get back on track. We are excited for our first upcoming pack meetup! If you are on the fence, take our word for it and sign up!



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