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Goliath & Amari The Dobermans

When we got our first Doberman puppy, we knew that we needed a trainer that was knowledgeable with the breed and was experienced. I called around and spoke to several different dog trainers when I came across Sarai's page on instagram. I reached out to her and we instantly clicked. I knew she was the one. Our goal with him was to have a great recall. We didn’t have too many goals but I knew we wanted him to be well behaved and we wanted to have full control of him. She started training our puppy at 4 months old. It was crazy to see the difference in our pup within the first sessions. Immediately we accomplished our goal and more. Goliath is almost 2 years old now and he is always focused on us anywhere we go. On vacations, hotel room, outdoors including family’s house, he is so well behaved! We decided to add on our second Doberman puppy to our family and I instantly contacted Saraí to start training her at 10 weeks old, our challenges with her were a bit different. We needed help with potty training and we wanted to be her focus, even though this puppy was a lot more stubborn, we were able to accomplish our goals within the first sessions as well. Amari is now 7months old and it’s a life changer. I as a female can have 2 dobermans with me and actually have full control of them. I don’t have to worry about them running off after people or other dogs. We will always be grateful for Sarai, I absolutely love that she always answers our questions when it came to our dogs and their training. Even after our dogs graduated she’s always there and wants to know how they’re doing. That truly makes us appreciate her that much more. She truly means it when she says she cares about the dogs. When she comes over you can tell how much love they have for her as well! Sarai impacted our packs life in the best way possible. She will forever be our trainer.


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