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George The German Shorthaired Pointer

I was given Sarai’s contact information from a trainer who we previously worked with in Ohio. When we moved to DC I knew my husband and I were not going to want to travel back and forth to board and train the dogs. I reached out to Sarai and told her our situation with our then 5 month old GSP puppy named George.

George had way too much energy, and we weren’t sure how to occupy him without just letting him run the house. He would pee in the elevator, and was developing an unpleasant attitude. We knew he needed to do extensive training with him to fit into our lifestyle. Sarai and George came up with a game plan which turned out great.

Sarai and George boarded George for 2 weeks, and George came back so well behaved, almost a new dog with the same goofy personality he left with. He was able to stay in his spot, he didn’t cry after being put in his crate, he was completely leash trained and all around a well behaved 6 month old puppy. The thing I was most excited about was him being car trained, so I didn’t have to bring the crate with me whenever we went somewhere. I’m now able to take him places with me without being embarrassed by the way he acts. I no longer stress out about putting him on his cot while I clean the house or do dishes because I know he won’t get up until I let him.

There were a few sessions where I was feeling defeated because George was not progressing as well as I thought he should’ve been, but Sarai and George reassured me that I have an incredibly stubborn dog and he will get there, we just had to be consistent and patient with him.

As we kept training we worked our way to doing off leash. George has done so well with the off leash portion of the training. I can take him into a store and not worry about him running around if my arms are full. George is currently with Sarai and George for a month working on retrieval so that George can go hunting with my husband and do various other service dog tasks at home or out in the community. We are currently using his nose (which gets him into trouble the most) for something good!

I love how George is always excited to see them. I am extremely grateful for Sarai and George helping us train George. They were always encouraging and very professional to work with.



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