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Skye The German Shepherd

About 2 years ago I saw a video taken by a friend on Facebook showing someone dumping a young GSD at the Animal Foundation. His excuse was they are having a baby. The pup who was just one year old and was never trained or socialized ended up on the kill list because she was extremely dog reactive and the staff claimed that she was also aggressive towards them and not adoptable. I found that all out when I went the next morning just to check on her to make sure she was up to adoption. I did not plan to get another dog but things changed and I had to save this pup. I rescued her and named her Skye. The situation at home was very difficult between her and my other dogs. She got in a fight with one of my other GSD's. I was devasted and had no idea what to do, till my vet recommended me Sarai and said that she is a great trainer and can help me.

Sarai came with her business partner right the next day. We talked about the issues and she showed and explained a few things. It was like magic. Skye was super calm and did not bark at the other dogs. I was in tears and so happy that I found Sarai through my amazing vet. Sarai took Skye the same day home for board and train. The training took 6 weeks and after the first week or so we met once a week so that we got trained too. After Skye graduated from her training with Sarai I got a dream dog back. The dog that was barking at everything and could not be taken out in public suddenly was able to walk off-leash. After that, we had group training once a month and Sarai became a part of our family. We will appreciate her forever and are so grateful and blessed. Sarai is not only an amazing trainer but also a beautiful person inside and out. We highly recommend Sarai as a dog trainer!



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