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Izzy The Bull Terrier

Izzy was born on February 12, 2018. When we brought her home, she was a feisty, stubborn, strong willed Bull Terrier. She was already exhibiting dominant behaviors. I had horrible anxiety that she would turn out to be a vicious dog. I started asking around for trainers. I wanted her to start training ASAP! Sarai got Izzy as a little puppy. In fact, I think Izzy was her first student. She took Izzy for a month or so, and when we got Izzy back, she was a different dog. She was potty trained, could heel off leash and on leash, would stay on her bed on command, and was kennel trained. Most importantly, she knew where her place in the pack was, and that she wasn’t the boss.

We went on to have Izzy trained for more things. She learned obedience, then protection (which she is really good at), and retrieval (which is unheard of for a Bull Terrier).

Izzy has traveled to lots of places with us. People always comment on how well behaved she is. Sarai always puts the dogs first. She has a great love for them, and it shows. If Izzy is sick and at the Vet’s office, Sarai will drop by to check on her and say, “hello”. Izzy adores her! If I ever have needed help with Izzy, or have any questions, Sarai has always been there. I can always call her and ask for help and advice. She has been very patient and understanding!

We will miss her when she moves away from Las Vegas. Even so, I know I can send her a text of give her a call, and she will be there for Izzy and me.


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