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Evie The Dutchie & Rokhee The Jindo Mix

Have you ever had that moment where you stop and wonder how did I get here?

We wound up asking ourselves that after an eventful morning with our pups, Evie (6) and Rokhee (2), when taking them out to use the bathroom. We were taking the senior dog out on their leash and opened the back door and saw a neighbor with their small dog who growled. This growl does not go unnoticed by Evie. While standing in the doorway, she squeezes her head through my spouse's legs, sees the small dog, pushes my spouse out of the way and rushes to inspect this poor creature. Their owner let's go of their leash and the wee dog bolts! And Evie goes, the chase is on. Our senior dog gets excited, pulls my spouse through the rocks. Meanwhile Rokhee runs outside to see the commotion, take a dump in the middle of the road, and chase butterflies. After a sea of apologies, rollercoaster of emotions, vet bill, wrecked neighbor-relationship, and an animal control visit. Well, needless to say we found ourselves asking that question. Both of us have had lifetime experiences owning and working with dogs, worked with dog trainers in the past, and a few things popped up: we'd been slacking and the training we'd done was training, but it hadn't been effective. So, a change needed to happen! We got in touch with G&S the day after, and it was hands down the best decision we've ever made. So many fears and worries had generated coming out of that incident- is Evie dog aggressive? Will they ever be able to be in the neighborhood and have nice walks? Do we have, and are they now known, as "bad dogs"? Are we bad dog owners? Before working with George and Sarai, we’ve never felt at complete ease with our dogs. And the same could be said for the dogs. Beforehand, we were the only ones who saw their personalities at home, but outside others wouldn't get a chance to. Now, their personalities get to shine through the confidence they possess. Rokhee whose tail seemed stuck between her legs and was scared of her own shadow now greet strangers with her fluffy tail up. Evie who was on a hair trigger of anxiety gets to feel calm and goofy. George and Sarai provided that freedom and opened up so much more. For the first time, we feel like we can communicate with our dogs, which is life changing: - Bathroom, quick - Walks, relaxed and 0 distractions - Recall, they come back! - Car Rides, enjoyable - Door bells, quiet - Crate, chill - Hanging out, relaxing But most of all, our dogs are truly our best friends. Evie and I were close before this, but now we're inseparable as we can communicate in a way that now enables us to keep learning and growing together. G&S Dog Training is priceless. And George and Sarai are truly phenomenal.



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