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Benji The German Shepherd Husky Mix

We are the Marquez family and we have a puppy he’s a German shepherd husky mix, we got him when he was 9 weeks. It was a crazy experience with this puppy because he would bite everything, he would do what he wanted, he would go potty everywhere, and he would do a tantrum in his kennel, it was so bad that we couldn’t handle it. We were to the point where we were gonna take him to a shelter or even give him away for free. It was a stress that was unsupportable. We tried and tried many times to look for a trainer but we weren’t getting responses, till one day in a grooming place we found Sarai’s card and we sent her an email and we got a fast response. When she did the evaluation we honestly didn’t think there was going to be a transformation in our dog, but from the first session we started to see something different in our dog. Now in his graduation we can say that Sarai accomplished a 100% transformation. Now we have a obedient dog, educated, friendly, and a dog that can socialize. He has changed our families lives. We are happy that we can now spend time as a family and the rest of our family can socialize with our dog. We 100% recommended Sarai’s training. Thank you very much Sarai Alvarez



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