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Tilly The Springer Spaniel Doodle

I have never been a dog person. I think I have always been a little bit afraid of them. Well, I married into a dog family and was talked into getting a dog. We bought a beautiful springer spaniel doodle puppy and like many puppies they get big fast and are very hyper. After a few weeks of Tilly jumping on me with muddy paws and barking at everyone I insisted on training. We found Sarai on a referral from our Vet. We were and are still amazed with the transformation. Sarai's training promoted success for both the dog and the family. The simple commands are easy enough for anyone to implement including our 4yr old. Tilly is one of the best-behaved dogs around. We take her on most of our family trips and when we can't take her no one minds watching such a good dog. The training has also allowed Tilly to become the perfect emotional support dog for my autistic teenager. I can't recommend Sarai and her training enough! Now I am a dog person!!



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