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Thor The Shih Tzu Mix

I am absolutely happy and extremely satisfied with how Sarai and George treated me and trained Thor. From the very beginning, they were very professional and really so easy to deal with. They addressed both Thor’s training needs as well as mine’s, the owner, which I thought was what made the difference.

Prior to enrolling Thor for dog training, Thor was in a “free-for-all” mode where he would be running all over the house, jumping onto our bed and the sofa/couches. Thor would do his business (pee and poop) at will and he would bark all night when we put him in his kennel.

While my husband and I took pleasure and joy to see such a happy creature, we were nevertheless concerned that he seemed to have no limits and did not know his boundaries. I admit, I enjoyed Thor’s joyful and playful behavior; however, it dawned on me that my husband and I were not prepared, especially with him doing his business inside the house.

We’re very fortunate that our son in-law happens to be in the dog training business and he connected us with Sarai and George. After a couple of weeks of in-home training at their house, they returned Thor a “changed” dog. He would not only listen to our commands, but really obeyed.

Sarai and George are professionals, and they were patient in explaining to me and my husband their philosophy in how they train their dogs and why they train them the way they do it. This was quite enlightening to both my husband and me. It gave us a better understanding of why Thor was behaving the way he did prior to training, and how he now obediently listens to our commands.



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