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Thor The Norwegian Buhund

My husband and I had both grown up with dogs, and we had raised our own dear pups after we married. When our last elderly one passed, we naively thought we were well prepared for another puppy to raise up...then we met Thor, our Norwegian Buhund. By 10 months old, he had destroyed three couches, several shrubs, and numerous children's toys...oh, and don't mention the electronics. Most blankets in the house had holes from chewing, and all of the techniques we had used to previously leash train other dogs had failed. Thor would pull on the leash so hard that he was practically dragging me no matter how I tried, and his enthusiasm to bark at new people and dogs left me embarrassed when taking him even to the vet as now we were "those kind of" dog owners who couldn't control their dog. We were dog lovers, but we were lost. Then came the fateful day, my husband took Thor to the vet for his checkup and the dog jumped over him out of the car and ran into traffic. Shockingly, he wasn't hit. Later that afternoon, he jumped from the fence and we chased him for an hour, and that night he counter surfed the kitchen and ate an entire stick of butter. We knew we had to do something, and that his temperament was beyond us. A friend had used G&S for his two outrageously rambunctious Boxers, and I called them that night. George listened with such understanding, and they fit us in immediately. The first night they met Thor, he was running around in excitement uncontrollably, jumping over the couch and people, and ignoring us. In thirty minutes with nothing but voice and a leash, George and Sarai had him sitting on command and staying quietly on a blanket. We were sold. He did the 2 week intensive training, and we continue to use them for boarding. He's the sweet, terribly smart dog he always was but now he has learned to listen. We can't praise G&S enough.



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