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Tank The Great Dane

We heard of G&S training by the local business Junction Pet Supplies. At the time we were having obedience and behavioral issues with Tank our 7 month old Great Dane, so we brought him to the pack. Prior to the training Tank was jumping on counters, biting and chewing, having no manners with other people or dogs, and dragging us everywhere when we took him outside.

He was basically a wild child, but fast forward to now and he has shown major improvement. Tank is now able to do basic commands as sit, down and stay. Tank also walks by our side and does not drag us everywhere. This keeps him safe and us as well. What I love about the training is that we are able to learn how to properly handle Tank in any situation. We set boundaries, but also give him space to be his goofy self. Overall we had some ups and downs with Tank, but I am happy to say that Sarai and George stayed by our side through the journey. We are very thankful to have learned so much and now be able to take Tank the gentle giant everywhere with us!



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