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Stitch The German Shepherd

This is Stitch. He is a German Shepherd. He is a good dog but had some dominance issues. Especially with my kids who are both under 4 years old. So we asked a local dog trainer George for help. Our biggest issue was jumping on the kids and pulling them to the floor when taking walks. You know how Kids are they want to hold the leash even when they have been pulled to the floor multiple times. George was like a magician. We had 10 sessions with him and after the first two our main concerns were solved. Pulling on the leash and jumping up on people especially the kids became a distant memory. On top of that basic commands like sit, down, and stay were taught during the 10 sessions. As well as entering exiting places followed by sitting and waiting. It’s great having had the training. I see people struggle with dogs pulling them and pulling them out the door not giving them the chance to lock the door. We appreciate all the help George provided us.



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