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Shadow The Rottweiler

I don’t really even know where to start except that G&S Dog training is amazing!!! I saw them with their dog walking in Hobby Lobby and their dog was carrying her own leash and so obedient and well mannered. We chatted right there, and they started explaining dog behaviors etc., right off the cuff with no money requested or anything.

We requested one of their free evaluations and that was the beginning of a very professional training and a great friendship! We have a one year old Rottweiler who was ok around us but not other dogs. He loved to pull on the leash and was always super excited. He used to jump up on us every time we walked through the door. All this behavior was after we had already paid $1500 for another training which didn’t work for much. I can’t praise Sarai and George enough. They had Shadow for two weeks and by our first training session at our house it was an immediate turn around. They always came to our location for training and explained everything they were doing. They were very patient with us as we navigated through the sessions. Every question we had no matter how minimal they were always there to answer. This company is amazing!!! Not only do you get an obedient puppy, you get one on one training sessions at home and in public, you get boarding if you need it and monthly group sessions. They even answer all my silly questions through text and if it’s something they can show me in a video they create a video. It’s a huge turnaround from the start. We now understand so much more of why our puppy does certain things. If you need some training YOU NEED SARAI AND GEORGE!!!!! Thank you so much Team G&S!!!!



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