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Priscilla The Bull Terrier

You know how in life you meet someone who plays a major role in your life for a brief time and as quickly as they entered, they move onto the next chapter of their journey, leaving behind impactful memories and lessons that you will carry with you forever? Well, I am blessed enough to say I have had the pleasure of this very experience.

When I met Sarai, it was under stressful circumstances to say the least. I had adopted a puppy bull terrier with my fiancé 6 months prior to our first visit. Priscilla, our bull terrier was recently recovering from a broken leg but had developed many bad habits during her recovery. She was unable to socialize or play as a puppy normally would during such a crucial time in her development because of her injury. She became aggressive towards strangers, couldn’t be around other dogs she didn’t know, could not stay still for longer than five seconds, and was starting to show aggressiveness towards her family when we would try to crate her. It was during a vet visit that we were given Sarai’s business card as highly recommended for training. I was scared to contact Sarai in fear that she would tell us what other trainers and vets had said to us in the past. That Priscilla was untrainable, she was aggressive beyond fixing, she needs to be in a home with only adults, and the list goes on. When Sarai came to our home Priscilla lived up to what those people had said (excessive barking, lunging) but by the end of Sarai’s evaluation, Priscilla was laying next to her and showing signs of respect towards Sarai. I cannot tell you what that felt like to me. Even writing it now brings tears to my eyes because I can still feel the desperation of that time. It was like a tremendous weight had been lifted from my shoulders. For the first time in a long time, I felt hopeful that Priscilla could be the best version of herself and the quality of our lives as a family would get better. I wasn’t wrong. Sarai not only trained our dog but also us. She instilled the importance of the relationship between us and our dog and taught us how to communicate with one another.

Fast forward three years later and Priscilla has made many besties (humans and furry ones), loves her human kid god brother, and is at every family function with many distractions. This was not the future I could have imagined for us three years ago, yet here we are living a quality of life I cherish. Sarai made this possible. Her perseverance, discipline, professionalism, and dedication to her clients is unlike anything I have ever seen but it is how she can make miracles like these happen. I have referred people to her numerous times and never have to wonder if they will be disappointed with my referral because she shows this dedication to every single one of her clients. Sarai has been active in our lives over the last three years by having group trainings with her clients, and hosting fun pack walks in the city. When I say we are blessed to have such an amazing soul in our lives, I truly mean it. Thank you, Sarai, for everything you have done for our family and teaching us values we will continue to implement in our lives forever. You will be sorely missed in Las Vegas but your gift is not one to be contained in one city. It deserves to spread throughout the country and give families and their fur babies the same hope you gave us.



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