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Pluto The Pitbull Mix

When our neighbor first mentioned G&S Dog Training, we were struggling to manage Pluto, our one-year-old pitbull adopted from a Maryland shelter. Despite his endearing friendliness, Pluto had his share of behavioral challenges. He was a dog whose early life had been disrupted by multiple rehoming experiences and a history of mistreatment. As first-time dog owners, navigating this situation was a daunting task for us.

Our experience with G&S Dog Training, however, soon cast a new light on our circumstances. Their approach to dog training was not just about commands and obedience; it was about understanding the dog's individual needs and addressing them holistically.

Under G&S's guidance, we saw an incredible transformation in Pluto. He gradually learned to be safe around strangers, a significant step considering his past experiences. His confidence, previously shaken by his difficult past, was gradually restored. Moreover, G&S equipped us with the knowledge and skills to raise and care for a dog with Pluto's unique needs confidently.

The change in Pluto was so profound that it didn't go unnoticed. Our veterinarian, the pet boarding staff, and our neighbors all remarked on his remarkable progress. It was as if Pluto had discovered a new way to engage with the world, a way that was both confident and secure.

But G&S Dog Training's impact reached beyond just Pluto's transformation. They provided us with the tools and knowledge to understand and address Pluto's needs effectively. They showed us that with patience, understanding, and the right techniques, any dog can flourish, regardless of their past.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to G&S Dog Training. Their commitment to helping Pluto live a full and happy life has been truly remarkable. The journey with them has not just improved Pluto's life, but ours as well. Thank you, G&S Dog Training, for everything you've done for Pluto, and for us.



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