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Pip The Cavalier King Charles

Puppy’s Name: Pip

Age: 1.5 years old

Breed: Cavalier King Charles

We found G&S through a client referral. One day at the park, we noticed a well-trained dog and her owner, and we asked about their training program. We were floored by how good she was! Prior to G&S, Pip was high-strung and non-compliant. We were unable to comfortably walk Pip without major pulling issues. He did not listen to commands consistently. Pip was very loud around other dogs, and so easily excited that we could not bring him into public spaces without barking, whining, and high-pitched noises. If he saw any distracting birds or leaves, he would completely lock-in. We tried several training courses focused on treats. and none were successful. Pip's evolution was remarkable. He's such a happier and calmer dog. His quality of life has improved dramatically as a result. We can now walk off-leash! We bring him everywhere. He's a regular at our favorite coffee shop on weekends. He can stay in one spot for several hours uninterrupted. He listens to commands immediately and is far more attentive to us throughout the day. He's also much calmer. The training regiment brought us closer together, and Pip trusts both of us. There's no more unwanted barking, pulling or bad behavior. And the best part, if we need to correct something that wasn't in the training program, we have the tools to fix it ourselves! George and Sarai provide a seamless client experience. We were impressed by their attention to detail, preparation, and patience. They were so clear with their lesson plans, and we loved the recap videos! It was abundantly clear they cared deeply about the dog and the owners. They were great about providing feedback in the moment and making sure we were staying consistent. Above all else, they were available whenever we needed help. Their prompt responses helped keep us on track. It was truly the best service! To reiterate, George and Sarai care deeply about their profession, and we trusted them completely. They are incredible coaches and your dog's well-being will dramatically improve with the help of G&S Training.



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