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Pepper The Aussie Mountain Doodle

How you Found Us? After witnessing the transformation of Elysha’s sister’s dog Pip, we asked for George and Sarai’s contact information to see if they could assist with our dog’s training.

Pup’s Name: Pepper

Age: 16 months

Breed: Australian Mountain Doodle

Challenges at the Onset: Like many new dog owners, we invested a fair amount of time and money in training during our first year with Pepper. Like many new dog owners, we saw progress from a few similar training methodologies but despite our efforts, we still struggled with consistent obedience to commands, especially in situations involving distractions. Pepper loves people and other dogs so she always tended to jump on people and playfully pounce at other dogs at every opportunity. This was often a deciding factor in whether to bring her along or leave her in the house by herself. After seeing the progress our sister’s dog Pip had made working with George and Sarai, we decided to make an investment in Pepper that continues to pay dividends to this day.

What we accomplish now? After completing training with George & Sarai nearly three weeks ago, we walk Pepper entirely off leash with minimal corrections. Pepper no longer jumps on people or interacts with other dogs without our permission. We can put Pepper in a “DOWN-STAY” in a crowded location, with the confidence that she will not move until instructed to do so, despite all types of people/puppy distractions. This is well documented on the G&S Instagram page as a reference. Pepper will follow verbal/non-verbal commands with willful obedience under any circumstances.

Overall Experience: Working with George & Sarai has been nothing short of exceptional. They recognize the most important part of training is their ability to communicate and coach effectively. George & Sarai are consummate professionals who truly tailor their training program to your needs and challenges. They explain why each aspect of training is important and how it will impact your dog’s future potential. We just brought our first child home from the hospital and are confident that we will be able to incorporate Pepper into our entire lives with the baby – not leaving her at home because it’s too difficult to juggle a new baby and a dog!

Anything additional: With a newborn in our family, the ability to give Pepper verbal / non-verbal commands interchangeably is an added plus when our hands are full, or you are trying to keep the noise down. Additionally, we highly recommend the videos George & Sarai post on social media. George posted a video on what to do if your dog is attacked by another dog and his instruction prevented Pepper from getting injured when another owner lost control of their dog. Their posts are always entertaining and very helpful for the struggles we all face as dog owners.


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