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Penelope The Blue Heeler

I first met Sarai in December in 2020. I had my one year old rescue blue heeler Penelope for about a week when I decided to reach out. A friend referred her to me. In the week I had prior to training, Penelope was very aggressive and unpredictable to anyone and everything except me. The minute I met Sarai I knew she was the right trainer for Penelope. She showed respect, empathy and respect for Penelope during our evaluation. Sarai had to take Penelope as an emergency case. Penelope was very fearful, she was even trying to lunge at Sarai through the kennel. Life with Penelope is so fun. She has a big sassy personality but the sweetest dog once she trusts you. I can take her places without anxiety. She is such a fast runner and it’s so beautiful to watch her play without fear. Utility training is fun. It strengthens our bond and team. Overall Penelope and I have less anxiety, more trust, and a true companionship in each other. Thank you so much Sarai for giving Penelope a second chance at life.



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