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Pierre The Great Pyrenees

Where do I begin? Well first I was interested in starting dog training for Pierre but didn’t know where to go. I was about to go to Petco and do their classes, but I kept asking around and I came across two people that recommended Sarai. I found her through Instagram and immediately asked for a consultation. After that first meeting, we never looked back! We expressed our concerns about Pierre. He was a rescue, found as a stray in the woods in Utah.

Our goals for Pierre were to get him acclimated and more friendly with other dogs, control his barking (we realized Great Pyrenees are a vocal breed), to be able to walk him without him pulling us and not jumping on people who come into our home. We were nervous and skeptical about Pierre going through these training sessions and wondered if it would really work, but man oh man did he prove us wrong. All thanks to Sarai!! I’m so glad we pulled the trigger and emailed you for a consultation.

He is a completely different dog now than when we started training. He is so much better with other dogs than he was in the beginning, he is more attentive to instructions even though he likes to talk back occasionally. Seriously, I have gotten many compliments from others who have noticed his behavioral changes. His anxiety has been decreasing in the car and at parks the more we go. His graduation came and we never thought this day was going to come. He did it and he did so well! We are so grateful for Sarai! Not only did Pierre gain confidence throughout these training sessions, but so did we! We’re confident in our abilities to continue with his training. This journey hasn’t ended, but the beginning of better and more confident adventures is ahead. I can’t believe the transformation that Pierre has gone through! Thank you isn’t enough!!



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