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Oliver The Black Mouth Cur

When we first rescued Oliver, we were instantly taken by his kind demeanor and loving affectionate attitude. Little did we know that his unfortunately abusive past had created mountains of anxiety and a very antisocial attitude that we were simply overwhelmed by. No matter what method we tried from anxiety relieving products, to the various training techniques from the large selection on youtube, to the many types of leashes and harnesses, nothing seemed to work. Thank goodness that a colleague introduced us to Sarai. She took the time to hear what our goals with Oliver were and helped tailor a plan that was made just for our dog. That's the biggest difference up front that you will notice in her approach-she does not take a cookie cutter approach to every dog and instead realizes that each dog's past and breed play a huge role in creating the right program for them. Within days Oliver was crate training and socializing with other dogs. In a few short weeks we were completely shocked at the progress that Oliver had made both inside and outside the home. All the obedience training actually helps redirect him and alleviate his anxiety. And he constantly shows us a strong urge to want to learn more and that he actually enjoys it. Plus he's absolutely obsessed with Sarai. The best parts however are still unfolding. Once you complete her program and graduate, you get to continue a lifelong relationship with her. Even after years now, she still travels just to visit Oliver (which he absolutely LOVES) and she is always available to help us via text and phone. Our absolutely favourite part of all of this is that Oliver's personality -his funny awkward habits, his affectionate loving attitude- they all still remained. We are forever grateful to Sarai for helping us!



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