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Odin The Hound Mix & Loki The Chiweenie

We ran into George and Sarai one fall day at the Mosaic District where we were spending the evening roaming around for the fall festival. All the streets were closed and there were thousands of families walking the streets. In the crowd, we noticed two people walking with dogs by their side but the dogs were holding each other’s leashes! Yes, the dogs were holding the leashes! I ran up like a bit of a crazy person and asked them about their company as I saw their sweatshirts saying they were dog trainers.

We had already done dog training previously that was treat-based for our dogs for about 6 months and our dogs (Odin - Hound Mix - 4 yrs old; Loki - Chiweenie - 1 yr old) really still had no recall when there were stressors around (like other dogs or people walking by the fence) despite it being one-on-one sessions with the other dog trainer. Having treats on you all the time is not practical. Once our dogs fixated on the stressor, like a kid/dog on the other side of the fence, you couldn’t break them out of it unless you literally pulled them away. They also would run around us walking up/down the stairs which can be dangerous as we have kids at home and grandparents who visit frequently. If another dog was out for a walk while we were walking the dogs, they would bark and pull incessantly. Our Loki would also frequently escape out the front door if it was kept open for longer than a second and Odin would bark at every package delivery. It was just overwhelming.

We have been working with George and Sarai for 2 months only and it has been a game changer! We can go places with our dogs and family now. The amazing thing is that the dogs actually seem more relaxed now. They don’t feel like they need to engage every potential trigger/stressor. They look to us when we go on walks and know not to pull. We also don’t feel like we can’t do things socially with them anymore in groups at home or at restaurants with patios etc. They’ve also started being able to walk off leash by our side in a heel position after only 6 sessions training with George and Sarai.

George and Sarai are also always reachable via text and we ask them questions whenever we’re not sure. The monthly group sessions are something we’re all looking forward to. We’ve done one group session already and it was so wonderful to see our dogs listening to us in a hugely stressful situation. We highly recommend George and Sarai for anyone with dogs! All dogs owners need to learn how they can be the pack leader so the dogs aren’t running the show :)



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