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Nala The Rottweiler

It all started when I became first time dog mom to my rottie, Nala. A coworker and I found ourselves sharing stories about our fur babies and she mentioned “Sarai” her dog’s trainer. I received nothing but good feedback and was quickly influenced to enroll my dog in training.

Nala was about 6.5 months, in other words, full of energy! I’ve always dedicated a lot of time to her since day 1, therefore I make sure she’s always supervised before any accidents happen inside my home. Yet, when it came time to go for walks, it was NOT good. Nala was always super excited to go to the park or on walks. She would pull excessively on her leash and I’d spend the entire walk putting all my strength to holding tight and hope not to come across other dogs. In addition to leash pulling, Nala was extremely reactive to dogs and people. She felt like she HAD to go over and say hi to every human and animal. Not only was that dangerous for her but (even though she meant no harm) people were terrified of her. Nala is only growing and becoming stronger, therefore I knew training was necessary.

At home, I couldn’t comfortably sit to watch tv, cook dinner, and my wife couldn’t work from home without Nala crying next to either one of us for attention. Her mind was set for constant play time if she wasn’t napping.I couldn’t be happier to have found Sarai. Training Nala has been a great investment and has absolutely reinforced our bond. Ever since Nala began training, I no longer get dragged on walks! Nala and I go to parks, walks around the neighborhood, and can shop together without worrying about her reactivity and pulling. At home, I can do everything I want without breaking in the middle to have to play with her. She can sit quietly and patiently in her spot, on command, when mama is too busy for her.

Last, but not least, our car rides are incredible. She used to ride in the back seat and moved around a lot. I had to constantly tell her to sit and she’d drool everywhere, bark at large vehicles, and lose her balance during sharp turns or sudden stops. Now she is able to sit during long car rides at a down position where I can clearly see she is more calm, relaxed and safer. Overall, Sarai is a great dog trainer. She keeps constant communication with clients and is always open to answer any questions. She is very professional, she’s passionate about what she does, she’s realistic, honest, and (most important) she LOVES every dog!

1000% recommended



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