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Mochi The Mini Goldendoodle

Sarai and George are a blessing! They rescued us! We were lost for quite some time with regards to caring and training our very first puppy, Mochi (1 year old mini golden doodle). We watched a lot of videos about dog training and attended 4 months class training. The class helped a bit, but because Mochi is food driven dog, he will only listen or follow commands when given a treat. He gets very excited when he sees other people and dogs; he jumps, barks, and nips. We tried to take him for longs walks and let him do his zoomies, (thinking it will help with behavior and energy). Until one day, he immediately went on zoomies, and ran away. Luckily, he came back home after 15 minutes. At that point we knew, we need to get help, but we don’t know who and where. My husband noticed our neighbor’s adorable dog is off leash and well behaved. Our neighbor recommended G&S. We contacted them. It is one of the best decisions that we made. We love Mochi and we don’t want to fail him. We know that sending him to the training will substantially improve his behavior especially around children. Mochi went for 2 weeks board training. Behavior and energy changed 360 degrees. He can be pet by my kids or any other kids. We don’t have to worry and hold Mochi’s leash when other people and kids are around. He doesn’t bark as much as he used to. His anxiety improved a lot. The best thing is Mochi can still be Mochi: happy pup and playful, loves cuddles, plays his tricks, and he likes his walks. On top of that he recently graduated and got certified as a service dog. Proud fur parents! We are very thankful for G&S. Training was fun and educational. Thank you so much Sarai and George. You guys are amazing and great at what you do. Excellent! 






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