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Maui The Mini Schnauzer

Maui, age 2 almost 3, miniature schnauzer. I found out about G&S dog training through Burn Boot Camp in one of the outings offered to get more info about what they do. Some of the struggles we faced with Maui were when walking out he would tug on the leash, excessively barking at home, shy around people, territorial at home, and lack of following instructions. After training I feel more at ease knowing that we will be moving to another country in a few weeks and I have all the tools I need to make sure Maui is safe and also feel like he has a structure that was very well needed. He is so much calmer during our walks in public and follows all commands when they are given to him. Feeling very happy knowing that he will get in his carrier without any issues. Which I was very nervous about being in an airport and in overly crowded places. George and Sarai have been beyond amazing helping me get through all those obstacles of being in the airport and getting us ready for Germany!!!!!! I am beyond thankful for all they have done for our family!!!



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