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Marshall The Labradoodle

I took our dog Marshall, who is a one-and-a-half-year-old labradoodle to the veterinarian to get his vaccination and he was barking and jumping all over the counter, so I asked the receptionist if they knew of a good company that trained dogs. They provided me with a card for G&S Dog Training and I called and scheduled the initial visit that same day. Before working with George and Sarai, we thought that we knew what we were doing, and that Marshall was learning to be obedient, but we were sadly mistaken. George and Sarai came to the house for the initial visit and brought one of their dogs. Their dog laid down on a blanket during the entire hour-long visit and Marshall was constantly barking and moving around with no control. This comparison made our decision to move forward with the training a “no-brainer”. We are so thankful we did! Over the eight-week training, we have been transformed into better parents and a better dog. We learned the following basic on and off leash obedience skills: • Sit & Sit-stay • Down & Down stay • Moving Heel & Heel position • Come (dog comes & sits in front of handler) • Enter & exit doors on command (kennel, exterior & car) • Okay (relax/free time) • Sit from the down at the front & side • Spot We would like to thank George and Sarai for all their training and patience with us and Marshall. We can’t wait to continue our training at home and during the free group classes.



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