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Lexi The French Bulldog

I brought my French Bulldog (Lexi) to George and Sarai when she was just four months old - one month after she arrived from the breeder. She was just 4 pounds when she started training! Lexi is a sweet, wild, red haired puppy. They call them bulldogs for a reason - they can be very stubborn and have a big personality. I struggled initially with her house training, leash training and basic obedience commands. She wouldn't walk on a leash, and she just relieved herself wherever she wanted. I tried working with a trainer for lessons on a "treat based system" and it just didn't work.

One of the neighbors in my apartment building referred me to Sarai and George. Lexi went and stayed with them for three weeks and came back a new puppy - completely house trained, fully leash trained and able to follow 10 obedience instructions. Over a total of 8 private sessions - at my home - they also trained me how to have a great relationship with my puppy. The result was my puppy is just as sweet and loving as she has always been but she now respects me, trusts me, and stays close to me so I can keep her safe. The training by G&S improved the quality of life for me and my puppy. After her initial training Sarai and George also have boarded Lexi when I have traveled for work several times. They reinforced her training and kept me on track as well. In helping me raise Lexi, G&S have made her into the most loyal, respectful and cutest puppy you can imagine. Lexi still gets to "be a dog" and have lots of fun every day in a way that keeps her safe and happy.

George and Sarai's love of dogs is obvious to anyone who meets them and I recommend them to friends often, without hesitation, for dogs of all ages and breeds - they have a proven system that has worked for hundreds of dogs they have trained.

Working with G&S is one of the best investments you can make for your puppy.



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