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Levi The Mini Sheepadoodle

I got Levi when he was a puppy around 10 weeks old. As a first time puppy owner I was soon overwhelmed with potty training, teething and biting, adjusting with my cat, and dealing with normal puppy behavior.

I contacted Sarai and started training two weeks after Levi coming home and she has been our trainer since August 2021. She brought her golden retriever, Simba, to demonstrate expectations throughout the obedience training and I was immediately impressed by Simba’s control and attention to commands despite Levi jumping all over him. Levi immediately took to and responded to Sarai and I was again very impressed. She gave me very thorough instructions on how to do the training exercises, gave me tips/options when the original corrections were not working, and was available all the time! She was so amazing and patient with Levi, he showed immense progress in a short amount of time. My favorite things about Sarai are her obvious love for dogs, her dedication to her work, helping dogs and humans by bettering their lives, and making sure that through all his training Levi remained a rambunctious fun loving puppy! Now we are graduated and living our best lives! We continue to train everyday to keep up with the lifestyle but I am able to take him almost everywhere with me including stores, shopping, road trips, and everyone always notices how well behaved he is on and off leash. I am so glad we chose to go through training early and we were blessed with an awesome trainer like Sarai!!



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