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Leila & Max The Mixed Breeds

When we lost our beloved Doberman in May of 2020, we decided we were going to rescue a couple of puppies to restart our pack. In June of 2020 we rescued 12 week old Leila, and in November 2020 we rescued 10 week old Max. Our Leila was super scared of being outside in the backyard, especially when loud trucks or skateboards went by. She often found herself running to the backdoor begging to be let inside. Max was a very strong-willed puppy at a young age, so we were concerned he would bond to Leila instead of us. He was also very curious and wanted to escape whenever we opened the front door. We knew that getting two puppies within five months of each other could present some behavioral or bonding issues as well, if they were not properly trained, so we began our hunt for the perfect trainer.

Sarai came highly recommended from one of the vets we had used in the past, and when we set up a meet and greet with her (and Simba), they instantly blew us away! We started training with Sarai in January 2021 and were concerned that our two dogs would not be on the same page since they weren't the same age. Although we started more slowly with Max because he was only a few months old, Sarai quickly had both of our pups doing the exact same training. We learned very quickly that as long as we regularly practiced what she told us to do our babies would do everything she told us they would do! We went through 10-12 weeks of training and although we started off inside our home, she also took us to stores, parks, and shopping centers so that our puppies could accompany us (and behave) wherever we went. Our dogs now listen better, they don’t exit the house or vehicle unless they are told, and they walk together side by side on my left. Our latest victory was recently having a stranger, who works at a rescue with lots of dogs, cross the street to specifically come and compliment us on how well behaved our dogs were while we were out for a walk! It was confirmation that all of our hard work with Sarai had paid off! We have recommended her to one of our friends who had suffered a lot of the same problems as we had, and they cannot be grateful enough! Every time we see them they tell us how amazing their two crazy little puppies are doing now that they have had proper training! We would highly recommend Sarai to anyone looking for results that last! As long as you are willing to also put in some work, she will make your pack feel so much more fulfilled!!!! We are forever grateful to her for all of her knowledge and help!



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