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Kava The Australian Shepherd

I got a puppy lol she was a beautiful 8wk old Aussie Shepherd I named KAVA. She was a typical puppy no real surprise there on basic bad behavior. She was super smart & learned very fast but one thing I could not concur with her training was she never wanted to leave the house or get near the car. Massive real world anxiety got pretty messy in the car and so stressful for me knowing she was so miserable. We were not winning the battle I was hoping just a puppy thing. At 8 months old My Vet recommended Sarai Alvarez who I called my (Behaviourist) lol. She evaluated us & Kava responded well to Sarai day 1 so we made a plan to start 1st week of March 2021. Ready to put in the work together & committed to win, we met for our sessions and did the homework. We were winning and Kava began her car rides actually getting into the car on her own to meet Sarai at designated training locations. She mastered her classes and graduation. I was blown away when Kava, along with maybe 20 other graduates, met at the Bellagio Fountain on The LAS VEGAS STRIP 7:00 pm Saturday night with mass noise, crowds, distractions which gave me anxiety . Kava was amazing and proudly strutted her stuff down the Vegas Strip with her friends. She has come so far and listens well. At 1 year old she passed her service dog training certificate & now helps me carry in my grocery bags. We go somewhere every day. She hikes & paddle boards with me and is the life of any dog party. She LOVES Sarai & gives her hugs & sings the whole time. Sarai saved my sanity & life as a loving dog parent! She is our friend now and we are so blessed she is part of our life. She touches hearts & saves lives daily wherever she goes. If she becomes your trainer you will see the magic for yourself as you create that desired bond with your fur baby.



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