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Katsu The Corgi

We met Sarai through our corgi, Katsu’s veterinarian. As first-time dog owners, we knew we needed help with training and we’re so happy we came across Sarai. She did a demonstration at our home and knew immediately we wanted training for Katsu (almost 4 months at the time). Sarai made sure we did our homework and pressed that we need to continue training daily. We had scheduled weekly training visits and in a matter of months, Katsu passed his obedience training. Prior – he had none but only known of the basic “sit” command.

We take him to a lot of public places where dogs are allowed and have received plenty of positive comments on how Katsu is so well-behaved and trained with walking on and off leash and not barking at other dogs or people when we pass. It has improved the quality of life for both Katsu and pawrents. Katsu does so well to the point that people ask who Katsu’s trainer is. Katsu is turning 3 years old soon but still possesses the obedience training we received from Sarai. It takes practice, repetition, and a very good trainer and Sarai is it!



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