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Kane The Pitbull

We had recently lost our dog and were in no rush to replace him. He was a handful, but we loved him so we just kept telling ourselves in due time. That was November 2022.

Flash forward to March 2023. Introducing Black rebranded as Kane. He came into our lives as a “wait and see how i goes” type of deal. Originally my brother’s dog, Kane a little under a year at the time was a sweet and annoying handful. We watched him before and even then I said to my wife that my brother was going to need to get him some training. Alas, his problem became our problem because Kane was a bit much to manage.

Walking him wasn’t going to be for the weak as he was a puller, and our patience was tested often due to his barking. The final straw was when Kane wrapped our neighbor around his leash and made her fall. She didn’t drop her cigarette and he did lick her as a way to utter sorry.

I felt horribly embarrassed, and I apologized immensely. I had to admit that I was out of my league and needed to get Kane trained. Quickly. I reached out to G&S for help and set up an appointment the following week.

George and Sarai were very informative, and I felt very comfortable with their explanations as to how Kane was going to go through training. Having Apollo there sitting still through the whole introduction cemented it for me. Training was a pill more so for me than it was for Kane, but I could see the progress being very quickly.

Within weeks, the excessive barking ceased and just a few weeks ago, I was able to go on a pleasurable walk with Kane. It was great. There is still a bit of work to do with Kane, but now we can enjoy our sweet, goofy mutt. And as a result, I’m thankful for the tips and time George and Sarai has given to us to welcome Kane into our family.



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