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Jax & Luna The Dalmatians

I saw George and Sarai walking in Old Town Alexandria and couldn't believe how well-behaved their dogs were. I noticed how much trust they had in their dogs and how the dogs were not fazed by all the distractions and noises. I wished that I could have that with my dogs, so I stopped them and asked.. "How did you train your dogs to do that?" They replied, "We are dog trainers!" and gave me their card. I immediately booked an evaluation. I have two dalmatians, one two-year old, female, Luna and one 9.5 year old, male, Jax. Both had separation anxiety with me, were reactive on the leash with other dogs, were stressed out with many situations, and Luna lacked confidence which caused her to pee when she got scared... which could happen a lot. I wanted them to be less stressed, listen to me even when there were distractions, and just know their place when we were in the house, so they wouldn't be on top of me all the time. George and Sarai agreed to train them and I am beyond satisfied with the results! Luna loves to train and work with the commands, Jax (even at his old age) is way less stressed for all activities. Car rides are no big deal anymore! They chill on their beds when we are home and do not always need to be right next to me. Most importantly, they are happier and understand their role with me! I would highly recommend G&S Training, they are miracle workers! George and Sarai are amazing people, super flexible and professional to work with and they love your dog as their own! I always feel so positive after our sessions and 100% believe in their process. Watch the transformation video!



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