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Hugo The French Bulldog

I’m Hugo, a two-year old French bulldog who is ecstatic to tell you about my experience with dog trainer extraordinaire, Sarai. As you canines know, we are proud descendants of the wolf and unless our owner is properly trained, we will behave as nature intended. I confess that my owner was quite clueless about how to handle me. When Sarai and my buddy, Simba, came to my house to show some simple commands, my owner was doubtful I could get to that level of ability. “Give me a little more credit than that!” I thought; “Just give me a chance!” Well, my owner committed to being trained and Sarai patiently spent lots of time teaching her how to teach me. My brain is a sponge -- I am intelligent and a quick learner who aims to please. At times, I had to be pretty patient with my owner as she would forget which gesture went with which command, sometimes letting me outside the door without having me sit to show respect and occasionally leaving me in a down stay on my spot while she got distracted and went into another room. My owner hung in there and eventually Sarai trained her how to take me on walks off leash and most excitedly to public places like Lowe’s and Target! Imagine my pride when I was able to say, “We graduated!” Now that my owner is trained, I feel safe, secure and happy with my wolf pack. Remember, if Sarai can train my owner, she can train yours too!! Lots of woof, Hugo.

I’ve been a client of Sarai’s for nearly two years. Our Frenchie is lovable but is prone to thinking he’s in charge and at times will try to exert dominance. Sarai worked closely with me and my family to train Hugo on basic commands, but also to walk and heel off leash, go into a down-stay with distractions and behave appropriately in public situations. After Hugo graduated, I’ve reached out to Sarai with training and behavior questions from time to time. Being the ultimate professional, she always returns calls and texts with advice and tips on how to keep the training on track. I can’t imagine life without Hugo but having him be well-trained is essential to his well-being and ours. We have confidence whenever we take him out or have others over – he impresses friends and strangers alike with his excellent behavior and attentiveness. I owe it all to Sarai, who truly taught us how to “unleash” the best in Hugo!



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