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Champ The Labrador Mix

I found Sarai and George through a referral from Junction Pet Supplies and I am so grateful that I did. My dog Champ is a two year old lab mix that I adopted from a shelter as a puppy and before training we had issues with him being overprotective of me, growling at any noise, pulling on walks and I wasn’t able to take him out anywhere in public since he was so reactive.

After training with G&S, Champ is so much more confident, relaxed, and obedient. He walks right by my side now, people can approach me and he won’t react, he is able to be in public settings and stay calm instead of being reactive to his environment. My experience with Sarai and George was awesome! They both were so knowledgeable, supportive, patient, and took the time for to really understand Champ’s needs. I can honestly say the training strengthened Champ and I’s relationship, and gave us both more confidence.



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