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Arthur The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We found G&S Dog training through someone my mom knew at the gym. And it could not have been a bigger sign that Arthur needed professional training. Arthur is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was 6 months old when he began his training, and now he is 9 months old. When we first got Arthur, we expected a puppy to be a puppy. Relieving himself inside, chewing on things, and just doing what puppies do. We figured we could handle him on our own. Arthur had other plans. We knew Corgis are known for being strong willed and stubborn and we have grown up with plenty of dogs, but no matter how much you research, it does not actually help in what to expect out of a Corgi. Once G&S Dog training started working with him, he became a dashing young puppy. Arthur is still Arthur, but now he is more distinguished. Prior to G&S Dog training he was…somewhat…potty trained and that was about it. Now he goes to bathroom on command which makes going out quick when needed, and we can enjoy our walks without worrying about Arthur going potty before we go inside. Before, Arthur wouldn’t go outside, and we figured maybe he didn’t have to go…we were wrong. Now, we don’t even have to think about that. He sits on command. He lays down on command. Arthur even has his own spot that we can direct him to lay down at while we clean or relax. However, what impresses me the most is when we are on walks, distractions don’t exist for Arthur. It doesn’t matter what is happening around him, all he focuses on is the walk and being at our heel. Another dog passes by? Doesn’t engage unless we give him the ok. If another person passes by, he doesn’t jump or rush them. He has manners now. Our experience overall was 11/10. G&S Dog training worked with our schedules, held us accountable, and was consistent with both us the owners and Arthur. I was worried that after being trained Arthur’s personality would change, but not at all. Arthur is still his unique self, but now he is a proper young puppy.



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