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Apollo The Cane Corso

I’m a female handler of a 3 year old male Cane Corso. I’ve had my pup Apollo since birth. As many people might know, a female handler and male dog is one of the hardest combinations. I knew I needed to hire a dog trainer early on given the power of this breed. I ended up coming across Sarai back in 2018 for some help. I was first hesitant and didn’t know what to except. Apollo was her first Cane Corso to train, so it was new grounds for both of us. After a few sessions with lots of hard work and patients we saw results. Not only is Sarai teaching you the correct tools on how to handle your dog PROPERLY, but she’s also teaching the owner how to properly communicate with your animal. Throughout the training process she was so patient, thorough and really wanted to make sure you had that proper connection and boundaries set in place. The end results were successful, and I still follow the tools Sarai taught us to this day.

Sarais heart is really into making the world a better place and she does this by helping one dog at a time. It’s inevitable her passion for animals and Apollo and I have made a life long bond with Sarai. We are SO glad we have found her.



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