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Annie The Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix

We met Annie in late October, 2022. A friend of ours had become aware that Annie (her new name) was about to be taken to the animal shelter and surrendered by her family. Our beloved pet dog had recently passed away unexpectedly and we weren’t planning to adopt a new pet for a few months. Our friend asked if we might consider meeting Annie as she needed a new home SOON! We agreed to meet her and the rest is history. Annie is a two year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix who (from what we’ve been told) spent most of her life outdoors. She was a sweet, beautiful, energetic and unruly little wild thing. We agreed to adopt her. As we drove home with Annie for the first time we realized that formal training was probably going to be in her immediate future once we took care of her health needs. It was an exciting ride and we took turns wearing Annie as she bounced all over the car. Her trips to the vet’s office were no less exciting as she howled, barked (loudly) and lunged at anything and anybody who entered what she felt was her personal space. That included the entire building. Her walks around the neighborhood were no different and as soon as she recovered from being spayed, etc. we began to look for a trainer for her. Our vet (Crossroads Animal Care Center) recommended G & S Dog Training and we called them. George and Sarai came to our home and evaluated Annie and we developed a plan at that time to have them work with her, as this sweet girl needed help and direction. We’re so glad we made that call. Annie just graduated from their program and she is such a pleasure to be around. She’s calm and obedient. We can take her anywhere and be confident that it won’t be exhausting. George and Sarai helped Annie develop confidence and respect. They gave us insight into how the dog mind works and advised us how to continue to work with our sweet girl to ensure she has a happy life and will be welcomed anywhere she goes.

Annie’s transformation has been profound. The veterinarians and staff at Crossroads Animal Care Center are stunned at the “before training and after training” Annie. We’re so glad we chose G & S Dog Training to work with our precious girl. We highly recommend them.



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