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Kingpin The Min Pin

I previously owned a female Miniature Pinscher and had her for 15 wonderful years. We only did group classes and had the basic commands down, but I never trusted her off leash. Min Pin's are small yappy dogs who like to put on a "I'm a big bad dog so you better back up" scene in public if you let them. I promised myself that whenever I got another dog, I would get professional training so we could go out more in public places. This time around I wanted to get a male min pin and oh boy did I have my hands full!!! By the time Kingpin was 4 months I definitely noticed a difference with me being a female handler of this male pup. He was a lot more aggressive and challenged me every step of the way. Kingpin started acting very aggressive by barking at other people and dogs when we went to the vet. He was still getting all his vaccines, so he wasn't really around other dogs yet to become more socialized. On one occasion when I went to the vet, they were unable to trim his nails because he was biting at them. While at the vet I asked if they had any recommendations for professional trainers and they pointed me to some cards that G&S Dog Training had left. That evening I reached out to G&S Dog Training to set up a consultation with them. After meeting with George and Sarai I knew I wanted to work with them If I did choose to get this type of training for my dog. I liked the fact that they were a friendly couple, and my dog would be handled and get exposure from both a male and female trainer. But I was hesitant because Kingpin is a small dog with a tiny neck, and I was worried he might get hurt. It didn’t help ease my hesitation when I would search on YouTube, I would only see videos of large dogs being trained with the techniques used for obedience training and not much available with small aggressive dogs. Since Kingpin still needed to be neutered, I decided to wait until that was complete and give more thought on obedience training. Well by the time 6 months came around Kingpin was a Tasmanian devil! He was constantly on 100 and running around nonstop. I could get him to sit but only for like a couple of seconds. His puppy play started to become a little too aggressive(biting) for my liking and he wasn't listening to my methods of corrections. He started marking/peeing in the house and continued to be aggressive toward meeting strangers and dogs. His behavior was enough convincing that I definitely needed G&S Dog Training's help. I made my appointment for his neutering and reached out to George and Sarai to put him on the schedule for training. At Kingpin's first one on one session Sarai and George said they needed to take him for boarding/training because he was trying to bite them and wasn't even at a state where we could do any training. I kind of suspected this might happen because of his behavior but it still was tough to let my little guy go. It tugged at my heart strings when I would see Kingpin get corrected, but I know it's only because he is small, so I would think about if a bigger dog was wilding out the same way and how the dog should be corrected. I didn't want an out of control little dog on my hands so I trusted the process and let G&S Dog Training do their magic. And just like that 2 weeks later they brought a totally different dog home to me!!! They taught him all his basic commands (sit, stay, down, come and heel). The first big win was that I could get him to sit in his bed and stay in one spot while I worked in my office. I got emotional the first time I walked through a store with Kingpin, and he wasn't making a scene...I never thought it would be possible. But thanks to George and Sarai now I feel confident to take Kingpin anywhere because I know he is capable of acting like a well behaved dog. They gave me the training tools I needed and showed me how to correctly use them to communicate and work with my little pup. I highly recommend G&S Dog training if you are looking for someone to help you with your small dog. They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire training and promptly answered any questions or concerns I had. I consider them part of Kingpin and I's pack now and look forward to working with them in the future.



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