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Lucifer The Rottweiler

I am incredibly grateful for Sarai and George's passion for training, so much so that she got out of their car to stop me and Lucifer on our walk to give him some love and give me their business card, and I do not know where I would be without them today. I was at a very stressful point in the year where adopting a puppy wasn't the greatest of ideas... BUT Sarai and George were literal life savers. Lucifer would get so excited for walks he would have zoomies and almost flip out of his collar and he was only 4 months old at that time, I was not ready for him to do flips as a full grown rottie. He was a very smart puppy and started learning simple commands but not listening all the time, or just giving some sass back. Sarai and George helped me work on the sassiness and used his potential for good and he is a different dog! I have brought him to breweries, to Lowe's and I get so many compliments on how well trained he is. He stays by my side with distractions, he comes to my command even if I am upstairs in my house and he is downstairs, and he is only 7 months old! I really didn't think it was possible but Sarai and George have changed mine and Lucifer's lives. They are the most genuine people I have met and only want the best for you and your pup. I am their #1 fan because of the difference they have made in my life and I want that in yours too. 10/10 recommend every day.



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