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Kona The Doberman

Sarai has been the trainer for my European Dobermann Kona for almost 2 years. We have completed Obedience and started Utility/Agility training. I've had dogs my entire life and knew right away I was going to need help with Kona. I got him right after losing my previous Doberman and with the pandemic picking up steam, I knew socialization was going to be a challenge. He wasn't food or praise-motivated, disengaged, and was growing faster than a weed. I wasn't willing to end up with an untamed, "dangerous", Dobermann who could easily back up his attitude and bad decisions with his size so I reached out to his littermate's trainer, Sarai for obedience. Initially, I was nervous about the training approach but was quickly able to understand the "how" and the "why" behind the tools and the program and trusted she was taking us in the right direction.

Throughout our sessions what I appreciated most was how patient and nonjudgmental Sarai was with me as well as Kona. She always made time to answer my questions and help keep us on track. As time went on we learned to incorporate the training into everything we do. Staying consistent allowed Kona to trust me enough to be in control. Based on the bond we have created, I know I can take Kona everywhere I go. My biggest fear was losing Kona's personality but instead, the training really made him shine. He is fun, goofy, smart, happy, able to relax, and most important, well trained. I appreciate everything Sarai has taught both Kona and I and though I'm sad to see her leave Las Vegas, I'm excited for her new adventure. She can leave knowing she's made a difference in many dog and human lives, especially ours.



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