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Bear & Rae The Cavapoos

Sarai and I met because of fate! I had a 8 month old cavapoo, Bear, who dug more holes in my yard than a worm! He was overprotective and found baseboards more enticing to chew than bones. Sarai was the perfect fit for us. She was accommodating to my schedule but held me accountable to learn and work with Bear. Even though I wasn’t perfect about training the exact amount of time or each task to a T- she never made me feel bad. She explained the reasoning and logic behind her recommendations and stuck to it. I so appreciated her teaching style.

Fast forward a year and a half, my first puppy just completed higher level training allowing me to fly with him and take him with me when needed. I have a second cavapoo, Rae, that is overcoming social anxiety and poor manners in a matter of months from training with her. Training is a daily task if you want well mannered dogs that are a joy for everyone to be around. Every day I’m grateful for the training and skills I’ve been taught. One of the best things about Sarai- she is with you every step of the way- even after graduation! I still send her pictures and videos of the dogs and she laughs and loves them right along with me! I know if I ever have questions on how to train or correct a behavior she is only a text or call away. If you have a poor mannered dog and want it trained better- call Sarai! If you have a good mannered dog you want it to be a GREAT mannered one- CALL SARAI!!! I recommend her to everyone!! You won’t regret it!



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